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Harry's was a startup established in 2012. Today they are a billion dollar company specializing in Shaving and Grooming Products. 

What We Did 

  • Product Development and Product Engineering

  • Material Selection

  • Tooling Developing

  • Manufacturing

  • Packaging Development

  • Factory Audit

  • Product Specification and Inspection Specification Setup

  • Shipment Consolidation.

  • Quality Control and Inspection


FSE started working with Harry's in 2012 and together we developed 5 razor handles in less than half a year. From concept development to tooling development to manufacturing, the first shipment was completed within 4 months.

In two years, the business grew from zero FOB to US$6M in the first two years.


Harry's partnered with FSE as we can source the right manufacturers that fit the product and packaging category in a short lead time. We are a one stop shop for supply chain solutions and we execute tasks professionally.

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