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Material Kitchen is a New York City based startup, with a goal of disrupting the kitchenware market and curate a collection of high quality, high design kitchen products that are functional and long lasting.

How we work together: 

  • Design Feasibility Report

  • Material Selection

  • Sourcing

  • Prototyping

  • Tooling Developing

  • Manufacturing

  • Quality Control and Inspection

Shears - Material
Material Kitchen
Tools - Material
Cookware - Material
Material collection
Knife + Block  - Material

For Material Kitchen's initial launch, we together to developed 11 core products in less than 9 months from concept to first shipment. FSE continues to handle each step of the development process from concept development, to tooling development, to manufacturing, inspection and shipment.


Using our comprehensive manufacturer database we carefully selected manufacturing partners who could deliver the appropriate level of quality in an efficient amount of time.


Material Kitchen and FSE have worked together for three years and as of 2019 developed 36 additional SKUs with Material Kitchen.

Material Kitchen selected FSE because we can source the right manufacturers that fit the product and quality level in a short lead time. We are transparent, working with the customer as a partner to grow their business. Lastly, we are a one stop shop for supply chain solutions and we execute tasks professionally. We work on your behalf and are your eyes and ears on the ground.


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