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Skrubby Hub dba Skura Style is a USA based startup who launched their first product in 2017 - an patented sponge with antimicrobial technology that inhibits odor-causing bacteria.

How we work together: 

  • Sourcing

  • Product Design and Engineering

  • Packaging Development

  • Quality Assurance and Control

  • Product Spec and Inspection Spec Setup

  • Order Management

  • Shipment Consolidation

  • Time Management

Skrubby Hub
Skrubby Hub
Skrubby Hub
Skrubby Hub

For Skrubby Hub's second launch in 2020, we worked together to develop two new products in less than 9 months from concept to first shipment.

FSE continues to handle each step of the development process from concept development, to product engineering and performance testing, manufacturing, inspection and shipment.

Using our comprehensive manufacturer database we carefully selected manufacturing partners who could deliver the appropriate level of quality, so that Skrubby Hub can continue focus in what they are strong in growing their market shares and sales.

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